I was the lead writer on Chicago Inno's daily newsletter "The Beat," for over a year. Subscriptions grew to over 10,000 during my time writing the newsletter.


I created social-first video at Chicago Inno in order to boost our Facebook audience, as well as for a two-month project on inequality called The Gap Between.


I'm the founder and producer of Future Forward Aarhus, a biweekly live radio program covering innovation in the Central Jutland region of Denmark (subscribe on iTunes here).

Previously I was the producer of the Chicago Inno Show, a podcast on Chicago's tech and startup scene which was also broadcast on Lumpen Radio (105.5 FM Chicago). I also interned at Vocalo, the sister station to WBEZ in Chicago, and worked as a reporter for WLUW, Loyola’s student radio station.

Fashion tech takes center stage in Aarhus

We peek behind the scenes of Aarhus Walks on Water: A fashion runway based on technology that was celebrated in September as part of the activities of Aarhus as Capital of Culture 2017. It's part of a larger trend in the fashion industry. Where designers weave hardware and software into the clothing we wear every day. And it'€™s more and more likely to come to your closet.

Hitchhiking on Tinder, breakups on Google Docs, and other tech love stories

A student from China finds a surprising new use for Tinder while vacationing on a Portuguese island, a Danish woman shares how video calls helped her maintain a long distance relationship between Denmark and Australia for 8 years, and a British writer shares how she gave--and received--heartbreak via Google Docs.